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What is Breinz?

Breinz is a Software. Software as a Service to Builders.
Builders can quickly and accurately cost their jobs in Breinz using suppliers' products or services.
They can fine tune their estimate by prepare and sending out the trade packages for quoting, and keeping track of all the quote received.
They also can prepare their budgets, produce purchase orders and lettings all in Breinz.
By adding their invoices to the system, they can control their budget against actual costs.
Builders can prepare variations and adjustments, send out to clients, get approvals, and keep track of all of them in one place: Breinz. Everything starts with a proper and accurate cost estimate.

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Breinz Suppliers Network

Why We Need You?

To have a proper estimate for our builders, we need accurate and up-to-date prices and items.
As a supplier, this can also be a very good opportunity for you to provide your services or products in this system for builders to select and choose from.
We are trying to connect builders to suppliers in the very early stages of their job: Estimating Costs

Why Join

Let the builders select you product or service

Breinz is trying to develop a strong relationship between Builders and Suppliers.
Breinz is an Estimating Software with ability to let the Builders/Estimators choose building items within a list of REAL products and suppliers.
By adding your products or services to Breinz database, you let the builders see your product, compare it with other's and choose it.
Also, by developing the Colour Selection Module, Customers also have access to your products to choose.


Suppliers Portal

Currently we are developing a Portal for our suppliers to easily have access to the list of their items, services, and products to edit and update the prices and sorting.

Also, we are trying to develop a job management service, like Invoicing and quoting through the Supplier's Portal for our Suppliers


More than 200 suppliers participated

At Breinz we have a broad cross-section of suppliers, from Sole Traders to major manufacturers.
Breinz has strong relationships with Australia’s most trusted brands, suppliers and partners.
Every supplier is required to ethically source their products from factories which operate in accordance with Australian labour and safety standards.
Products price lists should be always up-to-date and prices should be fair.
Products needs to be confirmed and approved by our Suppliers team prior listing as a Product in Breinz.

Costs and Fees

This system is Free and always will be free for all the suppliers who helped us build up our platform.
Also, our services in the Supplier's Portal will be free for our loyal suppliers.
BUT, we can't guarantee that this service will always be free for other suppliers or the new ones coming later. So, please be hurry and help us build up this service.
Simply, create an account and follow the procedure and get yourself listed in our trusted suppliers list.
Yes, you alternatively can contact us at if you have any inquiry or need help, as well as sending your Price Lists to LET US list you in our suppliers network.

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