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Breinz software

An Integrated Solution

Breinz is the construction Job Costing, Contract Administration, Project Management and Controlling software which provides an integrated construction software solution for the use of Australian Builders, Engineers, Contractors of all types, Developers, Project Managers, Construction Managers and Specialist Sub-Contractors. The Concept of creating Breinz was to provide an effective controlling tool over the construction projects, budget, actual costs, and forecasting, in the areas of Materials, Labour, machinery and Equipment. Breinz is built on three different modules: Estimating, Contract Administration, and Project management, which all are fully integrated and have interrelated information.

Integrated applications that work together


Have an overall look on how your projects are running, and make strategic decisions based on the situation.

Price lists

List of all the items, their suppliers, and all the products of it. Select the Item, pick a supplier, and add it to your costing.


Do a comprehensive and quick take-off, add your items, select the product, and create your accurate costing.


Manage and share the project documents between your project team and suppliers outside.

Trade Packages

Trade Packages

Send out your quote requests and manage the received quote, find the best one and update your costings.

Colour Selection

Let your clients select their items, products, and colours, and easily sync it with your costings and orders.

It's All Online, On the Cloud

Breinz provide individual integrated approach to manage construction jobs easily, anywhere.


flexible functionality that allows you to estimate the way you want. Using Assemblies and Price lists, make your estimate always accurate in a correct way.


Estimated your job through Breinz? So, You'll have all the trade packages and Orders ready to go. Just need to select a supplier to send it to.


Always having problem with your costs control and forecast? Breinz made it really easy for you. Using Call Forward sheets, you never miss a part.


Productive and professional way of estimating

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Quoting and Trade Packages, Ordering, Claims, and Variations.

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Cost controlling, Forecasting, Cash-flow analysis, and monitoring progress

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