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Key Features

Powerful Database-Driven Estimating and Management Solution. Construction Takeoff, Sales and Product Estimating, Reporting, Send out Quote Requests, Colour Selection, Orders, Variations, and Progress Claims, Invoices, Budgeting, Earned Value and Forecasting.

Price lists

Items, Suppliers, Products, and Services all in one place


Assemblies, Quantities, and Fields to help you organize your BOQ

Cost Estimate

Organize Items in several ways, Choose the supplies, and select Products for an accurate estimate


Get accurate reports of your Projects, Trades, BOQ, and WBS.

Trade Packages

Bidding and Quote Request. Manage all the quote and update your estimate

Colour Selection

Select Colour and products of your item, and let it reflect your orders


Issue and send out orders based on your estimate, Quotes and Colour Selection


Manage all the documents of your project safely. Share them with your stakeholders easily


Understand how funds will be utilized and expended over time for projects


Put invoices into the system and have a great control over your costs by checking budget against actual cost


Issue variations to contracts by comparing the budget and actual costs for any individual item.

Earned Value

Measure your project performance, by measuring the work actually done and forecast the cost to finish

Breinz Project Managers Solution

Breinz Project Managers Interactive Menu

Interactive Menus

Invoices and Expenses

By adding invoices in Breinz, you'll have the luxury of checking invoices against budget, quote and order, never get double charged, and never miss any extra charges. You can export entered invoices to Xero by a single click.

Cash flow and Budget

Having a Cashflow and weekly budget for your jobs and your company in essential in modern countries. Create a job cash flow and control it weekly can help manage your costs and forecast you expenses.

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What's New

Convert Orders into Invoices You can easily and quickly, with one click of a button, create an Convert an Order into an Invoice. Save a lot of time in itemizing invoices and exporting them into Xero.


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