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Organize Your Job

Use Multiple structures to organise your jobs.
EPS is an easy and modern way of organising.

Organize You Items

Use Work breakdown Structures (WBS) to easily sort and manage items.

Insert Items From Price lists

Price lists are up to date lists of all the items that your / our suppliers provide.

Workout The Quantities

Use Calculation Sheets to manage and keep records of your quantities.

This Plan Includes


Have an overall look on how your projects are running, and make strategic decisions based on the situation.

Price Lists

List of all the items, their suppliers, and all the products of it. Select the Item, pick a supplier, and add it to your costing.


Do a comprehensive and quick take-off, add your items, select the product, and create your accurate costing.


Use our predefined reports, or create your own report, and have a better understanding of the job.


Sort and manage your suppliers, add their product, and create a comprehensive list of your suppliers.

Trade Packages


Use Assemblies to quickly add a bunch of items associated with an element. the quickest way to cost your job.

Breinz Estimating Solution

Estimating Software Interactive Menu

Interactive Menus

Organise You Jobs

Using EPS (Enterprise Project Structure) you can arrange and organise your jobs in a logical, meaningful, and hierarchical structure for your organisation. This is a view of the company showing its areas of operations.

You can have multiple EPS, meaning you can arrange your jobs based on Location, Departments, Builders, etc. You can easily jump to other EPS during your costing using Drop Menus .

Estimating Software Project Manager EPS Organize Projects
Estimating Software BOQ Bill of quantity Organize Items

Organise Items

Using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), you can visually organize items into manageable chunks that all the project teams can understand.
Like EPS, you can have multiple WBS for your job to organise Items into Rooms (Kitchen, Ensuite, etc), Trades (Carpenter, Plumber, etc), Construction Sequence (Prelims, Site Works, etc), or any other structure you might need.

Use Your / Our Suppliers Price lists

Add items from your suppliers products list into your costing.

By Selecting an Item from your suppliers' price lists or our always-up-to-dated suppliers products lists, you can have a unique and accurate costing for your job.

Estimating Software Organize Suppliers Breinz
Estimating Software - Bill of Quantities BOQ

Bill of Quantities

 Create your bill of quantities (BOQ) and provide the project specification, measured quantities of the items of work, in order to prepare the tender documentation.

The bill of quantities is issued to tenderers for them to prepare a price for carrying out the works.

Work out the Quantities

Quantity Calculation module is an easy way to measure quantities.

Keep the Record of all your measurements, edit, copy, and paste anytime during your estimate using calc sheets.

Estimating Take Off Sheet Sofware
Estimating Software Manage Bill of Quantites BOQ

Select a Product

Select a Product / Service for items in your BOQ. using products from the suppliers list make your costing process easier, more accurate, and quicker.

By selecting the product, you are creating your orders at the same time of costing your job.

Send Out To Quote

Use your items from the costings, send out to quote, update prices, and have the most accurate cost estimate, with links to received quotes. Improve control over your jobs.

Trade Packages

Manage Quotes

Add the received quotes from your suppliers to your costing, link it with your items in your costing, and access them anytime, anywhere using our Trade Packages feature.

Trade Packages


Organize your suppliers and reps, use their price lists and products / services in your costing, update their prices with a single click, and have the most accurate cost estimate.

Our Support

Use our estimating and quantity surveying support, and let us cost your job using your suppliers' prices. let us send out your job for quoting and you just check.


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Do you need to get a quote from a supplier?

Send out Quotes and keep the record of them; Update your estimate once you received your quote.


Send out the orders, once the estimation is done.

Keep the record of your Quotes, Orders, and Claims, all in one place