A structure (like WBS - Work Breakdown Structure or EPS - Enterprise Project Structure) is a hierarchical arrangement of the projects, items, products and services produced during and by a project.

The project is the highest level of the WBS while an individual item required to create a product or service is the lowest level.

Each project in the enterprise project structure (EPS) has its own WBS.

When creating a project, the project manager typically develops the WBS first, assigns work products and documents to each WBS element, and then defines items for performing the element’s work.

Specific earned value calculations can be specified for each WBS element, along with the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) element responsible for all work included in the WBS element.


To create a new node, click on the New Node Buttons.

To create a new Root, click the button with the blue circle on the left (Left button) and to create a node under the current selected Node, click the right one.

Clicking the new root button, you create the first Node of your structure.

Index: Provides data for sorting your Structure.
Code: Give your node a Code to organize better
Name: the name of the Node.

Once provide the information for this node, hit Save

Add other nodes for your structure, edit names, save them one by one.

Use Templates

You can use pre defined templates for your EPS, WBS or any other structures.

To copy from templates, select a template you think suits your Project / WBS from the drop down menu, and click on the + PLUS button.

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