Select Product / Service

You can define products / services for items in your costings.

By defining products and selecting a product for items you can choose a supplier, easily order products, and be more realistic and specific in your cost estimate.

Also, you can have an accurate specification for your project. You also can let your customer select their own choices among the products you list for products.

Most of the products in Breinz Pricelist have products or services defined. If you add items into your costing from a pricelist, you might have the suppliers' products with prices to choose from.

Open Products List

To select a product or service for your item, go to the Items (BOQ) page:

Select the Project and WBS to find the items you want to define or select products for and click on the Supplier or Product to open the Select Product Page

Also, you can right click on a the Item name and click on Products to open Select Product Page.

Select Product Page

In this page you can define, select, update, sync, and edit the products specified for an item.

Add a new Product

To add a new product:

1. Click on the Add New button on the top ribbon.
2. Give the new product a name and a description, select a supplier who suppliers it and type the price which you can purchase from the supplier.
3. Click update row to save your changes.

Select a Product for the Item

To select a product, click on the circle close to the product name. By clicking the circle button, the line clolour changes to blue to show the selected product.

If you have given the item a Quantity, you can see the Total Item Cost on the ribbon:

To give a quantity to the item, click on the Quantity button on the ribbon.

You can select other products by other suppliers to make the total cost desirable.

to deselect products and use the default price of the item, click on the Using None button.

Once you have selected your product, you can close this page and refresh the items list to reflect your selection in your costing.

Update Products

If the item added from a pricelist, you can update the prices of the products by clicking the update button.

This will refresh all the products for this item and brings new products as well.

The product list of a price list item might be updated by suppliers, by Breinz supplier team, or you can update the prices and products in the pricelist page.