New Project

When EPS is created, Projects are the next level of organizing information and data in Breinz.

Projects contain costings. You can name your Projects after clients, suburbs, months or any way that suits.

Example: Naming a Project "12 Napier st." where you can define and store the information regarding this job.

Create a New Project

    Projects are created in the Projects page.

    To create a new Project:

    1. Click on the Cost Estimate Module, then click the Projects page
    2. Click on the EPS node in which you want to create a Project.
    3. Under the Projects group, click New

Once Clicked, a new project will appear on the Projects lists to edit.

4. Type the name of the project, select the correct region, and fill any other information you want to have for this job and Hit the save button on the right side of the list to save your changes.

Open Project to Edit

Right Click on the Project Name and click Edit, OR select the project, and click Project > Open to open a project to edit.

Once the Project page opened, you have access to more information about the project and you can edit them.

Learn how to Edit a Project