Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)

In Breinz, we use structures a lot. Structures are used to organize Projects, Items, Trades, Suppliers, Pricelists, and etc... Typically, users have access to a large database that contains all the projects and related information for their company. This project information must be structured in a way that allows individuals to access it quickly and accurately. In addition, users must be able to review project data at the level appropriate for their role and the specific questions they need to answer. Your database of projects is arranged in a hierarchy called the enterprise project structure (EPS). The EPS can be subdivided into as many levels or nodes as needed to parallel work at your organization. Nodes at the highest, or root, level might represent divisions within your company, project phases, site locations, or other major groupings that meet the needs of your organization. Projects always represent the lowest level of the hierarchy. Every project must be included in an EPS node. You can organize your projects based on Continent (Asia, Europe, America,...), States (QLD, VIC, NSW,...), Project Manager (Steve, Andrew,...) or any other structure suits your company. The good news is you can have as many as structures you want and sort and organize projects in different structures. To create a new Structure, first you need to find a name for it (we call it Headings). Then you need to create a structure for this heading. To create a heading, click on the EPS button on the Enterprise Group in Projects. (Cost Estimate > Projects > Enterprise > EPS)

Once clicked, Edit Heading page will open. On this page you can create New Headings by clicking the + Heading button, edit the Heading Name and code, and delete a heading.

Create a New Heading - to create a New Heading, click on the + Heading button on the top right corner of the page. A new structure will be created. Change the name of the heading in the Heading Name box. If you want to allocate a code to identify the headings by Codes, type in Code box and hit Save Changes.

Once the EPS heading is created, click on the Edit Structure button to create the hierarchy structure. To learn how to Create / Edit structures, click STRUCTURES