Edit Costings

Open a Costing to Edit

In order to edit a costing, go to Cost Estimate Module and click Projects.

Select the Costing you want to open and edit, and click Open button under the costing group on the top ribbon.
Cost Estimate > Projects > Costing > Open

Also, you can right click on a costing and select Open Costing to edit the costing

Edit a Costing

Once the Edit Costing page opened, you can see the general information about the costing.

General Tab

General Tab contains the general information of the Costing.

You can change the Code, name, the project it belongs to, and etc.

Gross Floor Area (GFA): is the total floor area inside the building envelope, including the external walls.
Net Floor Area (NFA): The actual occupied area not including unoccupied accessory areas such as corridors, stairways, Alfresco, Porch and closets.

These two figures are used to calculate the square meter rates of the building.

To turn a costing into a template, check the Template checkbox. It will appear in the Templates drop down menu when creating a new costing.

To Archive the costing, click the Archive checkbox and save. Once a costing is archived, It no longer appears in the list of the Projects and costings.


In order to create a new WBS for this costing, click Edit Headings.

Learn about Headings, WBS and Structures.

Permission Tab

Use this tab to give permission to other Users in your organization to have access to this Costing.

To give View or Edit permission to other users, select the user name from the drop down menu, Select the Permission level and then hit Give Permission button.

The new permission will appear on the list. You can Edit or delete a permission by clicking the edit/delete button on the list.

You can see the list of users that has access to the Project in which this costing belongs to. If you want other uses have access to this costing, first you need to add them in the list of users who has access to the Project. Click on the Projects Permission button to edit the users have access to Project.

Contract Stages Tab

Manage the stages of the contract in this tab.

Learn more about contract stages. These stages will be used in the Progress Claims module.

In order to create a new stage, Click on + Contract Stage button, edit the new row, and hit Update Row button.

Logs Tab

Shows the history about this Costing.